LymPHOS is an open access database of phosphorylation sites in the proteome of the human primary T-lymphocyte. LymPHOS was created and maintained by the IIBB Biological Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics research team at the LP CSIC/UAB. 

Currently, the database includes more than 300 phosphorylation sites, mapping to more than 200 human gene sequences, which were identified by mass spectrometry. This collection represents the first available large-scale phosphoproteomic study in human primary T-cells (Carrascal et al. J.Proteome Res. 2008, 7, 5167; Ovelleiro et al. Proteomics 2009, 9, 3741).

LymPHOS development has been funded by the Spanish Research and Education Ministry during 3 consecutive projects (BIO2004-01788). LymPHOS is steadily growing and soon will include quantitative data on Lymphocyte activation. LymPHOS, aims to be a useful tool for other groups working in areas such as signal transduction and immunology.

LymPHOS web site has maintained a good rate of accesses over the period 2008-2009.