The Radioactive facility is a support service and shared-use laboratory for all those research groups of the IIBB that work with radioisotopes. Its main function is to control the use of radioactive material in the IIBB, to advise the different research groups on radiological protection and to control compliance with the official standards and regulations.

The person in charge of the service (Supervisor) controls:

• Radioactive material:

Arrivals and Stocks.

Use of radioactive material in the facilities.

Waste management: production, storage, disposal and removal.

• Premises of the Radioactive facility:

Radiation protection measures in the different premises.

Access control to the radioisotope laboratory.

Control of contamination and/or radiation levels in premises and equipment.

• Authorized personnel

List of authorized users.

Periodic training of users.

Renewal of operator/supervisor licenses.

Dose control (dose estimates) of the users.