Welcome to our institute.

The IIBB, Institute of Biomedical Research of Barcelona, is a research center that belongs to the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and is composed of renowned researchers committed to perform high-quality basic research with clinical impact. This uniqueness with respect to other CSIC centers stems from its participation as a founding member of the IDIBAPS, a public research consortium with national reputation and internationally acclaimed for its high-impact investigation in human health, with the primary goal to integrate basic and clinical research. The scientific activity of the IIBB performed by Faculty scientists, pre-doctoral/graduate students, Post-doctoral staff and technicians focuses in the investigation of the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying high-prevalent diseases and pathophysiological processes, including obesity and its complications, such as steatohepatitis and its progression to liver cancer, depression, cerebral and hepatic ischemia, neurotoxicity, inflammation, fibrosis and renal failure, as well as neurodegenerative processes like Alzheimer and Parkinson diseases. Such an activity is complemented and potentiated by the valuable contribution of unique and self-sustained technical services and cores that enrich the offer of existing ones and promote the translational research of the IIBB investigators. Our scientific action is facilitated by an efficient administrative staff, headed by the manager that performs a great effort to ease and maximize the tasks of the scientific personnel.

Located in the campus of the Clinic Hospital, in the heart of Barcelona, the investigators of the IIBB have the opportunity to collaborate and interact with clinicians to synergize efforts aimed to decipher pathophysiological mechanisms contributing to major human diseases, with the goal to identify novel therapeutic targets for treatment.

It is my pleasure to represent and lead this center and to transmit the dedication and passion of both scientists and the management team of our institute.

Warm regards,

José C. Fernández-Checa Torres
Profesor de Investigación
Director del IIBB


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Year: 2018