Joaquin Abian Moñux


From 1992, The Biological Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics Sub-Line of the IIBB has provided support and specialized analytical services to public and private institutions. 

These activities were later conveyed through a Proteomics Facility that was officially set in 2005. The proteomics facility is now part of the CSIC/UAB Proteomics Laboratory ( situated at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

The LP CSIC/UAB is member of ProteoRed ( the Spanish net of Proteomics Facilities funded by Genome Spain and is the coordinator of its Catalonia Node.

The facility offers to the IIBB, public institutions and private companies a wide range of Proteomic services, from molecular weight determination of peptides and proteins to the characterization of post-translational modifications. For more information on services, prices and on the laboratory itself check the LP CSIC/UAB website (

In order to give the best service to our customers, the laboratory is certified ISO 9001:2015.