Joaquin Abian Moñux

Research Scientist

A facility providing technology and expertise for large-scale quantitative and qualitative analysis of proteomes as well as for the identification and quantification of target peptides and proteins. The service has long experience in identifying post-translational modifications in proteins and in Immunoproteomics. The Proteomics Facility provides scientific and technical advising and analytical services to the IIBB research groups as well as to groups from other public institutions and private companies.


This IIBB Facility and the IIBB Biological and Environmental Proteomics Research Unit are currently integrated in the CSIC/UAB Proteomics Laboratory (LP-CSIC/UAB). The laboratory occupies 90 m2 and houses four mass spectrometers, several conventional and nanocapillar liquid chromatographic systems, an automatic digestor,  a preparative IEF system, and the necessary infrastructure to perform small and large 2D gels and for image acquisition and analysis.


Common tasks are related to the identification of biomarkers in biological fluid, cells and tissues, often in relation to pathological states, using capillary chromatography for molecule isolation and mass spectrometry for characterization. In addition to proteomics-focused applications, some clients are using the available infrastructure for the analysis of other bioorganic compounds in areas such as environmental and clinical research and metabolomics 


This IIBB Service is a member of ProteoRed ( the Spanish Net of Proteomics Facilities. Since 2012, the Facility holds an ISO-9001 certification (Currently, ISO-9001:2015).


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Joaquín Abián Moñux

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