Joan Serratosa Serdà

Researcher - Ad honorem

The Microscopy Facility is located at the 6th floor of the building and offers the equipment necessary to observe, quantify and photograph histological and cytological preparations for microscopic studies. The service provides support to all scientists and technicians of the Institute and allows access to researchers from other institutions.


a) Conventional optical microscopy (Responsible Dr. Joan Serratosa).

The use of the equipment is on a self-service basis. The service has the following microscopes, all of them equipped with digital cameras for photography:

  • Transmitted light microscope Nikon Eclipse E 1000 (room 604) with phase contrast objectives and epifluorescence.
  • Inverted transmitted light microscope Olympus IX70 (room 604) with phase contrast objectives and epifluorescence.
  • Light transmitted microscope Zeiss Axioplan (room 623) with phase contrast objectives.
  • Light transmitted microscope Olympus BX51 (room 623). Sterological microscope with epifluorescence (Responsible Dr. Roser Cortés).
  • Inverted transmitted light microscope Leica DMI 4000B (room 623) with phase contrast objectives and epifluorescence.
  • Macroscope Wild M420 (room 623).


b) Confocal microscopy (Responsible Dr. Ramon Trullas):

  • Confocal microscope Leica TCS SPE (room 623). Self-service use.
  • Spinning disk Andor Dragonly Microscope.


External users must contact the technician in charge, Dr. Carme Casal.

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