Cerebrovascular Research


Anna M Planas Obradors

Research Professor

The line of Cerebrovascular Research is made of a large team of basic researchers with intense collaboration with the clinical research at the Stroke Unit of the Hospital Clinic. This collaboration allows us to develop translational research in this field in the frame of IDIBAPS. The main topic of the team is inflammation in cerebrovascular pathology, as well as the alterations of the immune system in response to stroke pathology. We have sublines of research headed by young postdoctoral researches and covering areas related to neurogenesis, signaling, the regulation of hypoxia inducible factor, neuronal cell death and the involvement of endoplasmic reticulum stress in this process. In recent years, we set up an experimental MRI Unit at IDIBAPS and we are investigating brain alterations after ischemia and other cerebrovascular pathologies. 

We collaborate with a number of teams at the national and international level, participate in European projects devoted to stroke research and molecular imaging, respectively, and have several projects financed by the National Ministry of Science or Ministry of Health to sustain the different aspects of our research.