In this year's call for La Marató de TV3 dedicated to fighting COVID-19, 229 proposals have been presented, of which 36 have been selected. One of them, The interaction between the ACE2 and AXL systems to predict the severity and the outcomes of the COVID-19 disease will be directed by the IIBB researcher Albert Morales (Signaling in cell damage and cancer), in collaboration with the researchers María José Soler Romeo, from the Vall d'Hebron VHIR Research Institute and José Tomás Ortiz Pérez, of the IDIBAPS.

The project will study the importance of the GAS6 / AXL system in the development of COVID-19, recently valued as a prognostic marker of this disease in a publication directed by Pablo García de Frutos (Hemostasis and Immunity), also an IIBB researcher.



Reference article:

Morales A, Rojo Rello S, Cristóbal H, Fiz-López A, Arribas E, Marí M, Tutusaus A, de la Cal-Sabater P, Nicolaes GAF, Ortiz-Pérez JT, Bernardo D, García de Frutos P. Growth Arrest-Specific Factor 6 (GAS6) Is Increased in COVID-19 Patients and Predicts Clinical Outcome. Biomedicines. 2021 Mar 26;9(4):335. doi: 10.3390/biomedicines9040335.