Last week, six high school students who participated in the Spanish Biology Olympiad and were finalists, Laia Abio Buil, Zhu Ran Jiang-Li, Francisco Valverde Hernández, Mª del Mar Rojo de Luis Fullana, Elisa Pavón Romero and Daniel Ledesma Navarro, they visited our center. During their stay at the IIBB they were welcomed by Gemma Gay and were able to visit six research groups and interact with our researchers learning about the different lines of research, the techniques used in the different laboratories and the career opportunities within the field of biomedicine. The students also had the opportunity to visit the Historical Site of the Hospital de la Santa Cruz y San Pablo and to interact with cardiac imaging experts both at an experimental level (Dr. Esther Peña and Dr. Oriol Joan) and at a clinical level (Dr. David Viladés).

The participating groups and researchers were the following:

- Systems Neuropharmacology Group: Analia Bortolozzi, Veronica Paz, Esther Ruiz, Noemio Santana, María Sancho, Unai Sarriés, Luis Miquel, Leticia Campa.

- Mitochondrial Regulation of Cell Death Group: Carmen García, Susana Núñez, Leire Goicoechea, Laura Fàbrega and Mónica Barrios.

- Tissue Remodeling, Fibrosis and Cancer Group: Anna Moles, Paloma Ruiz-Blázquez, María Fernández Fernández, Julia Cacho Pujol

- Group of Pathophysiology of Inflammation and Tissue Regeneration: Daniel Closa, Júlia Rius, Olga Armengol

- Lipid and cardiovascular pathology group: Vicenta Llorente Cortés, Aleyda Benitez Amaro, María Teresa La Chica Lhoëst.

- Cellular Damage and Cancer Signaling Group: Montserrat Mari, Anna Colell, Patricia Rider, Anna Tutusáus, Carlos Cuño, Xenia Abadín.

In addition, our head of microscopy, Carme Casal, taught them how the different microscopy equipment at the center works.

The visit was very useful, both for students and researchers and all the participants enjoyed the experience very much.

The IIBB-CSIC is committed to teaching and spreading the research conducted in our Institute among the population and organizes/participates in various scientific dissemination activities for the general public. Stay tuned to our calendar for more information!