The abstract awarded with a Full Bursary from the European Society for the Study of the Liver (EASL) addresses how lysosomal proteases modulate the remodeling of the extracellular matrix during chronic liver damage and describes new cellular mechanisms responsible for liver disease progression.

Valeria Pistorio (IIBB-CSIC-University of Naples Federico II) is doing her doctoral thesis under the supervision of Dr. Moles within the research group, Mitochondrial Regulation of Cell Death, led by Dr. Fernández-Checa, IIBB-CSIC and will present this work during the International Liver Congress 2020, that will take place in London from April 14-19. EASL awards only 50 of these travel bursaries to young researchers’ authors of the best selected abstracts, after scientific review by experts, to be presented during ILC. The ILC is one of the largest international conferences that attracts health professionals, researchers and the industry with an interest in all aspects of liver disease and its treatment. This award is a recognition of the scientific quality of the work presented and the excellence of the team that has performed it.