Dr. Anna Moles, group leader of the " Tissue Remodeling, Fibrosis and Cancer" research group and member of the IIBB-CSIC Equality Commission co-organizes and participates in two public engagement initiatives aimed at schoolchildren in commemoration of International Day of Women and Girls in Science. During both, the second edition of "Dona + Ciència", co-organized with Tecletes, and "Fem + Ciència", co-organized with the AFA of IE Arrabassada, female scientists will conduct participatory scientific workshops for children. The objective of these activities is to provide children with real female role models in different scientific disciplines, draw attention to the public into female researcher’s work and create new scientific vocations among the youngsters. Researchers from the DIAMET group of the Pere Virgili Research Health Institute (IISPV), the Catalan Institute of Human Paleoecology and Social Evolution (IPHES) and the Rovira i Virgili University (URV) also participate in this initiative.

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