The day was organized by the IIBB-CSIC Equality Commission and was attended by more than 100 high school students. The day was moderated by Anna Moles and facilitated by Albert Morales, Unai Sarriés and Leo Márquez, all members of the IIBB-CSIC Equality Commission. During the day, gender issues associated with the development of a professional career in the field of biomedical research were addressed, such as the scientific vocation, the gender gap, the glass ceiling, the representation of women in leadership positions and personal conciliation through the testimony of five speakers:

  • Mª Ángeles Muñoz, laboratory technician of the research group “Cell damage and Regeneration in abdominal organs”.
  • Paloma Ruiz, predoctoral fellow of the research group “Tissue remodelling, fibrosis and cancer”.
  • Sandra Torres, postdoctoral researcher of the research group “Mithocondrial Regulation of Cell Death” research group.
  • Montserrat Marí, principal investigator and group leader of the research group “Signaling in Cell Damage and Cancer”.
  • Cristina Suñol, director of Institute for Biomedical Research of Barcelona (IIBB-CSIC) (2009-2015).

The objective of the conference is to highlight the work of our female researchers, promote scientific vocations and raise awareness about gender dimension issues in the field of biomedical research, providing practical tools based on the experience of other women.