Tissue Culture Facility


Valerie Blanche Petegnief


The Tissue Culture Laboratory of the IIBB, located in the seventh floor, is a Type II laboratory exclusively used by the research groups of the IIBB. It is equipped with the basic material needed to obtain and maintain cell cultures in a laboratory: laminar flow and biological safety cabinets, cell culture incubators (CO2 and hypoxia incubators), centrifuges, water bath, inverted microscopes, freezer, and autoclave. A gas station, located outside the laboratory, is the responsible for the supply of the different gases needed in the laboratory: CO2, N2 and carbogen. Users work with primary cultures and cell culture lines from humans and experimental animals.
The daily maintenance of the laboratory is performed by a technician, Lorena Arribass, who is in charge of constantly taking care and maintaining the laboratory in optimal working conditions: basic maintenance of cabinets and incubators, control of the correct function of any of the instruments present in the laboratory, appropriate waste disposal, control of the supply of any material needed for the proper work in the laboratory. An annual revision of the proper functioning of the laminar flow and biological safety cabinets, the autoclave and the gas supply is performed by specialised firms.
The laboratory also has a scientific supervisor, Dr. Valerie Petegnief. She is in charge of supervising Lorena Arribas’s work, takes care of the right use of the laboratory and solves questions about the users’ needs.