Systems Neuropharmacology


Analía Bortolozzi Biassoni

Tenured Scientist

The Systems Neuropharmacology Group (https:// www. iibb.csic. es/es/research/54https:// www. /ca/idibaps/ arees-de-recerca/https://www. cibersam. es/grupos /grupo-de- investigacion ?id= 14469)  is a translational research group focused on the study of the brain circuits and synaptic processes involved in the pathophysiology and treatment of severe mental illnesses such as depression and comorbidity of depression in Parkinson's disease. To achieve this, the group uses a wide range of experimental strategies in animal models and post-mortem brain samples from patients, including molecular, cellular, electrophysiological, neurochemical and behavioral approaches, providing detailed insight into how brain circuits function at different levels of complexity. The main goal of our research is to identify new molecular targets for possible therapeutic intervention and biomarkers for diagnosis and early detection or response to treatment.


Research Areas: 

1- Neurobiological basis of depressive disorder and depression comorbidity in Parkinson's disease: synaptic function, cellular activity, functional connectivity, and brain circuits involved.

2. Identification of biomarkers and new targets for therapeutic action. Mechanism of action of fast-acting antidepressant drugs: glutamatergic agents, oligonucleotides, microRNAs.

3. Role of synucleins in the control of monoaminergic neurotransmission: implication in cognitive and neuropsychiatric symptoms of Parkinson's disease.

4. Development of new animal models of depression and Parkinson's disease involving endoplasmic reticulum stress and gene regulation using adeno-associated viral vectors and RNA interference.

5. Neurochemistry and neuropharmacology of brain neurotransmitter systems.