A combinatorial strategy for the expression of proteins as fusions with functional modules. A. Our toolkit’s design allows any ORF of interest to be easily expressed either on its own (above) or as a fusion (below) with N- and C-terminal modules picked from among a collection of parts (multicoloured wheels). B. Multiple fusions can potentially be generated by combining an ORF of interest with different modules from the collection. Specific fusions aimed at particular applications will be defined by the choice of modules used. Furthermore, our versatile design allows a particular fusion protein arrangement to be cloned into vectors specific for expression in different model systems in the context of comparative studies.

An investigation led by Tomàs Santalucía presents a new and versatile method for creating fusion proteins with potential for ample use in many projects: Buj R, Iglesias N, Planas AM, Santalucia T. A plasmid toolkit for cloning chimeric cDNAs encoding customized fusion proteins into any Gateway destination expression vector. BMC Molecular Biology. 2013, August 20th; 14(1):18. doi: 10.1186/1471-2199-14-18.

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